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Distressed Sales, Foreclosures, Bank Owned Homes and Government Owned
often represent a great way to get a Great Deal. However, it's not easy for
the average home buyer to find these types of deals because up till now you had to
keep scouring the local publications and costly websites to gather the information, or
had to pay for the list.

If you're the type of person who recognizes what a great deal some of these
properties could represent, then you'll be interested to know about a new
computerized service which automatically searches out and
emails you a current
of all such properties day in and day out.

When you receive this
FREE List Of Foreclosure Homes, no cost service, you're
automatically plugged into the most current list of HUD (Government) Homes,
Distressed Properties, Foreclosures and Motivated Sellers on the market, in the
exact price range and area that interests you. This
NO Cost service will save you a
lot of time, research and running around.

Here's how it works. We will show you how to find the newest listings that come on
the market in our area through the MLS website, (did you know you can see the
newest listings daily?). Then once a week you will be mailed or emailed a current list
of foreclosure and distressed homes. You will be looking at the homes that every
broker in town is looking at each morning, The
HOT SHEETS (this is where some of
the best deals are!)

This insider info will give you a huge advantage over other buyers who are looking at
homes for sale in the local real estate magazines, which as you know is usually
outdated by the time it is published, (most of the good deals sell before they ever hit
the magazines).

You can request this
FREE List of Foreclosure Homes service by simply filling out
the information on the form.  Please leave your phone number, just in case we have
any questions. We will then let you know how you can get copies of the homes for
sale. Once you receive your
FREE list of homes, you will do your own "Curb
Shopping" and simply call us back when you find a home you like.

Why FREE? Why do we give a free list away? When we sell a property the owner,
bank, other real estate broker or the government agency who ownes the property will
pay us a fee for bringing them a buyer. So you'll not have to pay us any money for the
list of homes because the owner or listing broker will pay our fee.

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Foreclosure Homes
Foreclosure Homes
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